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Posted On 10/23/2007 11:27:15 by RoachGirlRen
I was browsing through ModBlog at BMEzine and found a few fascinating (and yeah, a little disturbing) pictures of individuals using insects in edge play. Turns out there actually exists a paraphilia, albiet an uncommon one, called formicophilia, where individuals are aroused by the sensation of insects and arachnids crawling on and often times biting or pinching their genitals. Considered a form of zoophilia, it was first observed among a young buddhist monk in Tibet, who had no prior exposure to pornography or sexual intercourse. They are still not even sure of what causes the fetish, though it is theorized that an early exposure to insects on the genitals at a time of early sexual development is most likely - which may be why we see it primarily in developing nations where it is very common for insects to infest homes and bedrooms, or for individuals to use the bathroom outdoors and be exposed to genital insect bites and stings. However, it is becoming increasingly common in western nations, probably due to exposure via the internet. At any rate, it doesn't carry the conotations of sexual violence and control often expressed during more "traditional" forms of beastiality - though it is still pretty darned twisted! Anyways, I thought it was another interesting facet of the world of insects and arachnids.... apparently some people really love bugs

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