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Posted On 06/26/2014 19:16:25 by Angelrose

YOUR FREEDOM! Posted On 06/25/2014 11:29:33 by Angelrose USARK - United States Association of Reptile Keepers Yesterday EditedUPDATE: Constrictor Rule Comments (Boas, Retics and 3 Anacondas):

The link for commenting has been reopened at www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FWS-R9-F HC-2008-0015-4570. Comments are due by July... Read More

my page :D
Posted On 04/03/2014 06:11:48 by invertinsight


Finally got a goliath bird eater
Posted On 05/10/2013 23:20:43 by jims72

I finally got a goliath bird eater! Now just to see if it is a T.blondi or a T.stirmi. as of right now I am leaning towards T.stirmi even though I ordered a blondi. there is an absence of hairs on its legs past the patella on some legs but not all. The spider is a burgandy color thoygh which also has me leaning towards it being a stirmi. I ordered it from backwater reptiles and did a unboxing video. all i have to say is the showed up alive despite the poor packaging. both spiders have now eat... Read More

Catching Up
Posted On 12/12/2012 20:51:43 by Bug_Eric

You have my apologies for being out of touch with this community for so long.  Much has happened in the last couple of years, and I'll do my best to quickly summarize the most important events.

After returning to Tucson, Arizona from Massachusetts, I accepted a seasonal position as Assistant Butterfly Curator at the Tucson Botanical Gardens for the 2010-2011 seasonal tropical butterfly exhibit there.  I helped oversee a team of volunteers and prepare live tropical butte... Read More

Hello, questions about using the site, and suggestions.
Posted On 12/09/2012 09:02:49 by Weresnail

Hello, I'm Seth. I am new here.

I have some questions about how the site works.

I am used to sites that allow me to add photo and other art submissions to a gallery of Favorites or likes. Is there any way to do that here? I /think/ I saw a way to add users and videos to favorites, but not photos. I recommend that favoriting photos be enabled, and that a user gets a notification when a thing is favorited.

Also, when someone leaves a comment on my photos and other stuff, wi... Read More

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